Out of Town Housing Co-operative have been working to create mutually supportive accommodation for twenty-eight years, providing democratically run housing for over sixty members and children past and present. The importance of providing a co-operative living option in Brighton, with its sky-rocketing rent prices pushing many out of the city, has never been more important.

Out of Town is a member of the housing co-operative network Radical Routes reflecting its members’ commitment to positive social change.

Members have a broad and open-minded view of what ‘social change’ is. Current members are involved in permaculture and food growing groups, anti-fascist activism, providing support for political prisoners, engagement in environmental campaigns such as the the anti-fracking movement, animal rights work, non-hierarchical counselling, delivering socially focused theatre for marginalised groups, supporting workers co-operatives in the whole food business, supporting an award-nominated women’s rights campaign, providing legal defence support for  anti-militarist direct action campaigns and researching corporate complicity in international war crimes. The list continues to grow.

Out of Town are an open and inclusive family friendly co-op that currently house adults, young people, children and pets. The supportive environment allows its members to continue their commitment to positive social change work which would be impossible without affordable rents. We aim to grow as people by learning and making decisions together, developing  communities of mutual aid and solidarity based on shared principles of equality, equity and democracy in the building and development of healthy, affordable and sustainable housing for all or members.

We welcome new members from all communities and are actively opposed to discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, sexuality, class, or disability.


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outoftown @ riseup.net

Out of Town Housing Co-operative Limited is incorporated under the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts 1965-1978.

OOT is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Registered Number 27387R